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Fiction and Biography | Tittivulus or the Verbiage Collector by Michael Ayrton
    Tittivulus or the Verbiage Collector by Michael Ayrton      
Tittivulus is the name of a minor Demon who, several hundred years ago, was given the thankless task of collecting in sacks all the negligences, pomposities, and vanities of utterance throughout the world. As civilization grew more complex, his duties increased and daily he delivered to Chaos thousands of sacks full of foolish words. These are quoted to the reader, and consist of actual selections from political speeches, arguments, metaphysical and otherwise, literary opinions and apologia of all kinds.
In the end, Tittivulus’s job becomes so important that he take a Grave Constitutional Step in the nether regions. To disclose what happens would be to spoil the surprise – and the fun. Originally published in 1953, this was Michael Ayrton’s first novel.  Irreverent and witty, it has lost none of it impact over the intervening years – and is now more relevant than ever before!
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Prod. code: B04 Price: UK: £18.50 Eur: £28.00 World 1: £33.50 World 2: £35.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £37.00

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