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Fiction and Biography | Minotaur by Michael & Elizabeth Ayrton
    Minotaur by Michael & Elizabeth Ayrton      
Michael Ayrton was one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. He was also an accomplished writer, critic and biographer, who was obsessed with the myth of the Minotaur. Following his death in1975 John Matthews, who had known Ayrton well, obtained permission from the artist’s widow to create a memorial book. This consisted of a story written by Elizabeth Ayrton, re-telling the myth of the Minotaur from the viewpoint of Ariadne, and an essay by Ayrton himself in which he explored his own work on the topic thorough a semi-fictionalized account. This drew upon his earlier work, The Maze Maker, still one of the finest novels set in the ancient world. Together with these important works were 18 etchings and drawings of the Minotaur by Ayrton himself, forming a unique account  of the artist relationship to the ancient mythic landscape of Crete. This beautifully produced book should be of interest to anyone interested in myth and the work of this extraordinary 20th century master.
Long believed to be out of print, the original publisher recently discovered a box of this remarkable book which is now made available once again. Extremely rare, it fetches high process in the second hand book trade. This is an opportunity to obtain a brand-new copy in perfect condition at a bargain price.
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Prod. code: B03 Price: UK: £30.00 Eur: £36.00 World 1: £37.00 World 2: £39.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £41.00

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