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Wells Steps by CM
September 2015 issue

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Newsletter image Caer Feddwyd by Meg Falconer

Welcome to the official website of
Caitlín & John Matthews.

We invite you to step through and visit us!
Together we like to explore the myths of Britain and Ireland, uncover the Celtic and Arthurian mysteries, explore the shamanic possibilities and create rituals that honour the ancestral ways and tell the ancient stories that our descendants will remember.

Come dream and journey with us!

John and Caitlín Matthews

New titleThe Sherlock Holmes Tarot


14th November 2015 THE SHAMAN’S WAY (Oxon)
An introductory talk and demonstration on the art and practice of Shamanism with John Matthews. This evening is held in a traditional yurt, on sacred ground in the shadow of the ancient Wittenham Clumps in the heart of rural Oxfordshire.
John Matthews

4-6 December 2015 THE WESTERN WAY(Glos)
We will follow the golden thread of the Western mysteries from the shamanic visions of the prehistoric caves to Jung’s Red Book, from the classical temple traditions to the green circles of modern paganism, from the Renaissance magician’s cell to the lodge of the kabbalistic mysteries. 
Caitlín & John Matthews, Ian Rees, Geraldine Beskin.

5-6  March & 10-11- September 2016 WALKERS BETWEEN THE WORLDS (Oxon)
This 2 two part non-residential course teaches students to journey, quest, heal and arbitrate along the ancient paths of wisdom, gathering spirit allies and knowledge of ancestral and Celtic methods of shamanic work.
John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

13-16 March 2016 - THRESHOLDS OF POWER AND HEALING (Somerset)
This Level B course teaches a range of shamanic healing ways including plant-spirit healing, extraction of intrusions, embodiment of personal allies and The Mare Mother's Dream-Dance Ceremony.
With Caitlín Matthews & Margot Harrison 

Coming soon ...


Between January and May 2015, while Caitlín was writing The Lost Book of the Grail, a study of The Elucidation, she also kept a daily diary of her progress. Within these daily explorations of what it is to be a writer researching the Grail legends, Caitlín uncovers the art of writing, the fascinating depths of myth and the mystical imagination, and the very essence of the Grail quest from both the Pagan and Christian viewpoints. Myth, Arthurian legend, history, cooking, meditation and writing interweave to frame a window on a writer’s world, giving a view of rare intimacy.  

Writing from inside the Grail myth, Caitlín looks for the handholds and stepping places that pilgrims search for upon their quest. Many of these daily entries were first shared with Facebook friends and now the full diary, completely reedited and revised, is available for everyone to read. 

You can order this from Amazon as a Kindle only this late Autumn.

Hallowquest - the official website of Caitlín Matthews and John Matthews