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Caer Feddwyd  by Meg Falconer
September 2014 issue

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Newsletter image Caer Feddwyd by Meg Falconer

Welcome to the official website of
Caitlín & John Matthews.

We invite you to step through and visit us!
Together we like to explore the myths of Britain and Ireland, uncover the Celtic and Arthurian mysteries, explore the shamanic possibilities and create rituals that honour the ancestral ways and tell the ancient stories that our descendants will remember.

Come dream and journey with us!

John and Caitlín Matthews New titleThe Sherlock Holmes Tarot


2-5 October 2014 MIDWIFING THE SOUL with Caitlín Matthews shamanic methods of soul-retrieval, extraction of spiritual intrusions and practical ways to guard the three souls.     

7-9 November 2014 SPEAKING GOLD Oracle work and Shamanic Divination with Caitlín Matthews in Portugal.  A NEW COURSE on the traditional shamanic work of giving of oracles and divinations.

12-14 December 2014 THE CALL OF KING ARTHUR & QUEEN GWENEVERE: A WINTER QUEST with John & Caitlín Matthews. On the 29th annual open mystery school we seek the initiations of the Arthurian legends and the Hallow quest.

Coming soon ...

The Complete Lenormand Oracle HandbookThe ultimate guide to reading Lenormand cards, suitable for any learner and any pack. Each card meaning is explored in a linguistic way, and a variety of standard and new methods of reading are provided. It also comes with case histories, practices and self-tests and has a substantial section on reading with the pips as an auxiliary practice.

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Hallowquest - the official website of Caitlín Matthews and John Matthews